Jenny Lawton Grassl  Art Portfolio
Running Flag
acrylic on canvas
40"x 32' 5"
Artist’s Statement
Jenny Grassl

I have invented countries and their flags. My new flag installation, Running Flag, is a synthesis, an experiment in universal belonging, a flag in motion. It is a symbol for that which is all encompassing, evolving, and seeking peace. Built out of painted Automatic Writing, a technique of stream of consciousness writing used by the Surrealists and mystics, the paintings in the show emerge from my passion for layers of paint and language. We live in a world of visual verbal communications that bombard us or seep into consciousness, superimposed one over the other, becoming abstract. The letters of my words are scrambled Dan Brown style (lost and hidden texts), yet we can still “read” urgency, silence, euphoria, and grief in the layering.

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